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Causes and Ways to Overcome Back Pain during Pregnancy

Pregnancy can make the body experience many changes, including changes in hormones and pelvic muscles. Some of these changes can cause pregnant women to feel back pain. The discomfort usually occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy. It is estimated that around 6 out of 10 pregnant women will experience back pain. Back pain during pregnancy usually occurs in the joints and muscles in the pelvic bones and lower back. Pain can occur when bending forward, lifting weights, getting out of bed, or standing from a sitting position. Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy There are several causes of back pain during pregnancy, namely: 1. Hormonal changes Bones and joints are connected by connective tissue called ligaments. When pregnant, the body produces relaxin hormone which allows the ligaments to relax and make the joints loose. The goal is to prepare the body for labor. The ligaments and muscles that support the spine are also affected by these hormones. As a result, the ligament
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Beware of the Side Effects of Soursop Leaves before Consumption of the Extract

Natural products, especially those based on plants or herbs, have long been used to treat diseases. One of them is soursop leaf (annona muricata). But besides being beneficial, the side effects of soursop leaves also turned out to be not small. Widely known to be able to kill cancer cells, plants that are found in the tropics are now widely consumed to maintain a healthy body. Even so, we still need to be careful with the side effects of soursop leaves which can be detrimental to health. The number of people who rely on soursop plants to overcome health problems is not without reason. The high content of vitamin C, folate, and minerals in soursop, such as potassium, calcium, copper, iron and magnesium, makes soursop fruit as an ideal source of nutrition. In addition to fruit consumption, soursop leaves are also widely used as herbal medicine or traditional medicine. What are the benefits of soursop leaves? Soursop leaves are believed to prevent and even overcome various types of

Fast Ways to Relieve Tooth Pain at Home

Pain in the teeth that are usually felt when consuming foods or drinks hot or cold, is one of the symptoms of sensitive teeth. Tooth ache can make you not free to eat and drink. Therefore, consider the following ways to relieve aching teeth quickly, which you can do yourself at home. Tooth ache is generally felt by adults and adolescents. It is estimated, 2 out of 5 people aged 18-25 years experience aching teeth. However, children and the elderly are also very likely to experience this complaint. One factor that increases the risk of developing sensitive teeth is a fast-paced lifestyle. Because of busyness and busy schedules, we unconsciously often rush in consuming food or drink, even though it is still hot. Plus, we also often pay less attention to cleanliness and dental health. Fast Ways to Relieve Tooth Pain at Home One cause of sensitive teeth is eroded tooth enamel. Enamel or enamel is hard tissue on the surface of a tooth that serves to protect teeth. If enamel is eroded